MacRefresh services convey solutions that help your business manage change in technology. We’re very flexible and can apply services individually, or as a combination to achieve a full life cycle solution.


  • Removal & Full Audit Tracking of IT assets
  • Comprehensive Inventory
  • Data Wiping & Destruction (ISO Certified & CESG Verified Software)
  • Maximum Revenue Return Remarketing
  • Partnering with IT Resellers for their Recycling Services

Get in touch and our advisors to see what revenue you can receive back on your old assets.

Our Approach

Founded in 2010, we are a business that has strong philosophies and disciplines. We believe in honesty, integrity, communication, service, quality, excellence and creativity.

We are proud to work with major clients from around the world including satellite broadcasters, national newspapers, publishing companies, mobile network companies and much more.

Our services convey solutions that deliver tangible benefits and savings to organisations across all business sectors.

Our Team

At MacRefresh, we believe that people matter – they are the heartbeat of our business.

We recruit employees who exemplify our core values and invest heavily in their training to ensure they maximise their potential and can always meet our customers expectations.

Our team of skilled, experienced IT professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds, provide expert service, tailored to any requirement, meaning we deliver the best possible solution for your ITAD and data destruction needs.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Our recognition of our wider responsibilities to the community translates through our participation in a number of projects that strive to improve services within local communities and overseas.

Some of our community partners are;

Survivors in Transition

Survivors in Transition (SiT) is a registered charity, based in Ipswich, providing telephone, email and online support, as well as a specialist counselling and therapy service for adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

MacRefresh have donated Apple iMac’s, provided networking services and have donated both developer & programmer time to SiT to design and build the bespoke CMS that now runs the operations of the charity.

Digital Bridges Project

Digital Bridges is Social Enterprise Project that provides an environment and opportunity for young people to teach older generations of the local community how to use an iPad and preserve their memories digitally for future generations to enjoy.

As a community partner of Macrefresh, DBP receive support with both the loan and donation of Apple iPad’s for use in this wonderful community scheme.

African Schools

We have started a program that allows us to donate IT equipment to African schools. We have already supplied the Maria Montessori School in Kumasi, Ghana.

We will continue to develop this program to help more schools in Africa upgrade their IT infrastructure.


Our most significant impact on the environment is through our use of energy and other resources.

We are conscious of the company’s environmental impact through its operations and our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.

In particular we have:

  • Reduced paper usage throughout the company, by implementing double-sided printing and making operations paperless, wherever possible;
  • Improved energy efficiency in our premises, through the use of energy management and smart electronic controls;
  • Improved recycling facilities so that our waste is segregated at point of use and we target zero landfill output from our operations;
  • Introduced new bathroom technology to significantly reduce our water consumption;


If you have any enquiries about the MacRefresh CSR program or are interested in becoming a community partner, please contact